About Elizabeth
Elizabeth Cooke by Jocelyn Mandryk

Elizabeth Cooke is a dancer, entrepreneur and adventurer currently based in New York City. A Manhattan native, she grew up in the Pacific Northwest, and is a product of bicoastal influences. Cooke received her early dance training from Oregon Ballet Theater (under James Canfield) and the Jefferon Dancers (under Steve Gonzales), and over the past 23 years has performed in dozens of dance works and musicals around the USA, Argentina and France. She received her B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies in Society and Culture from Emory University, with a Minor in Dance. Between 2009 and 2012 Cooke lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she co-founded Narrative Tango Tours (NTT), the city’s first boutique tango-tourism start-up. During her two year post as NTT’s Business Director she took concept to creation, designing and implementing product packages and client experiences that reached more than 800 people in NTT’s first season. While not at her desk working as Associate Director of Communications for New York Live Arts, you can find Cooke dancing, practicing yoga, taking in the vibrant NYC culture, or dreaming up her next project.